Our Mission is to build a cohesive America, where no American has to live with anxiety, discomfort or fear of another.


It is our individual and collective responsibility to keep law and order and faithfully guard the safety of every citizen. Hate, prejudice and stereotyping are some of the many root causes of disrupting the peace in a society. It is our duty to track down the source of such ill-will and work on mitigating it.

We believe humans are open to choices, and will make best choices if the path is paved for them. We have provided many paths, through our annual events, like Unity Day, Reflections on Holocaust and Genocides, Thanksgiving and other conferences. It has been our experience that our participants walk out with a commitment to be less biased, less prejudiced and willing to stand up for the others for the sake of general good of mankind.We are committed to enhance the efforts nationally, one brick at time. We are building a cohesive America where each one of the 312 Million Americans feel safe in their homes, at their jobs, places of worship and in public places.


America together foundation is incorporated as a non-profit organization and pending the IRS Approval for 501 (3) (c) status.
America Together Foundation
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1. Education
2. Media Relations
3. Workshops
4. Conferences
5. Publications
6. Advocacy & Action
7. Grass root movement


1. Commitment to safety and Prosperity for One America
2. Know thy neighbor – Grass roots programs
3. Standing with others, standing for others
4. Participatory Citizenship
5. Contributory Citizenship
6. Future Leaders of America
7. Dream of a Cohesive America


1. Anti-Semitism
2. Quraan Conference
4. Racial issues
5. Stereotyping
6. Hate Sermons
7. Sharia
8. Women’s rights
9. Native Americans


A. Zoroastrianism
B. Wicca
C. Sikhism
D. Judaism
E. Jainism
F. Islam
G. Hinduism
H. Christianity
I. Buddhism
J. Bahai
L.Native American Traditions

America together foundation will build on all the events and programs established by the Foundation for Pluralism.

Our Board of Directors will ensure that all the activities of the organization meet our mission and vision.

Our Advisory Board Members will represent different faiths, civil society, politics and business leadership. We hope to invite all those members who can advance the idea of building a cohesive America. We are all in this together.

America together is an educational and pragmatic initiative to weed out myths from reality, which is hurting the social cohesiveness of America. The myths are vigorously propagated by a few to disrupt the delicate balance in our society by pitting one American against the other for their own perceived gains.The purpose of “Americans Together” is to remove such myths in an open discussion forum. In that way we’ll restore the cohesiveness of our society, working towards building a safe and secure America for every one of the 312 Million of us.

As a society, it is our responsibility to keep law and order and faithfully guard the safety of every citizen.
Hate is one of the many sources of disrupting the peace in a society and it is our duty to track down the source of such hate and bring understanding and nurture goodwill.


Ever since we declared our independence, we have been tested time and again by various political, economic and religious forces to divide us. However, in the end we have come out stronger as one nation. The Civil War, the Great Depression, the World War, Pearl Harbor, Women’s rights, Abortion rights, the Vietnam War, Civil Rights, Budget Deficits, 9/11, unemployment, the Iraq and Afghanistan War have all been difficult, but we will make it through and sanity will prevail.

The controversy over the Muslim Community Center in New York has mirrored the difficulties Catholics, Jews, Mormons, Wicca and others have endured.

We have come a long way to embrace and accept the otherness of those different from us. However, this year has given rise to yet another temptation; to blame Islam, calling it an evil, evil religion and calling its prophet a false prophet. No American, no matter their religious beliefs, should have to live in fear, or live in anxiety or discomfort.

Some have been misused and abused in the name of religion. As Americans, are we going to let that happen? No, we can pull ourselves together and not fall into the temptations to divide us.

Goodness will come to our rescue, if we make an effort. Mike Ghouse adds, “As members of diverse family of faiths, we seek to demystify the myths, malice and falsification of our respective faiths. It is time for all of us to gather and understand the Qur’aan, the holy book of Muslims, which has been the subject of attack by a few among us. Indeed, a conference is a positive response to negative sermons delivered from a few pulpits in America this year.”

The first successful event was the Conference which placed Quraan in the hands of panelists made up of Pastors, Rabbis, Pundits, Shamans, Clergy, lay persons, elected officers and the public. The uniqueness of the event is highlighted by facing the “terrifying passages” of Quraan. For the first time in history, the actual verses from Quraan will be read directly and explained by the panelists (Pastors, Rabbis, Pundits, Shamans, Clergy, lay persons and elected officials) who have a deep interest in bringing Americans together on common grounds. The Muslim scholars either affirmed their reading or shared the additional information right from the Qur’aan for further understanding.

It is time now to replace the ill-will with goodwill; no American has to live with anxiety, discomfort or fear of the other. The purpose of this conference was to remove such myths in an open public forum and restore the cohesiveness of our society working towards building a safe and secure America.


We hope to address all the issues before 2012 Elections, so our politicians can be freed from myths to focus on the reality – creating Jobs and putting food on the table of all American families.

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Mike Ghouse, Director
Americans Together
Building a cohesive America

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