In the process of development of America Together Foundation, which has adopted the Foundation for Pluralism and its programs since 1993, we are inviting the endorsements from members of different faith groups, race, ethnicities and cultures, politics and civic societies who have been a part of our programs.

  1. US Congressman Pete Sessions
  2. US Congresswoman Eddie Bernie Johnson
  3. Former US Ambassador Sada Cumber
  4. US Secretary Trade Mission – Mayor Ron Kirk
  5. Mayor Pat Evans, Plano
  6. Mayor Mike Simpson, Frisco
  7. Mayor Herbert, Irving
  8. Mayor Gary Slagle, Richardson
  9. Sean Hannity, Fox News
  10. Maria Arita, Anchor Fox News, Dallas
  11. Scott Murray, Anchor, NBC News
  12. Former US Congressman Martin Frost
  13. Rev. Bill Matthews, Methodist
  14. Dr. Harbans Lal, Sikhism
  15. Rev. Petra Weldes, New Age Church
  16. Pastor George Mason, Baptist Church
  17. Swami Nityananda Prabhu, Hare Krishna Temple
  18. R. K. Panditi, former President of Hindu Temple
  19. Dr. Imam Zia Sheikh
  20. Dr. Poras Balsara, Zoroastrian Faith
  21. Rabbi Robert Haas, Judaism, Temple Shalom
  22. Dr. Pradeep Shah, Jainism
  23. Rev. Bill Lesher, former President of Parliament of World’s religions
  24. Hon. George Akeem, Chief Arapaho Nation
  25. Hon. Peggy , Choctaw Nation
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