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A handbook on Religion; a guide to understand the essence of every tradition in 100 and 500 words each.

An orientation program will be offered to the graduating students in Pluralism.

Thanks to Dallas Morning News for bringing up the issue of religion in public life and offer opportunities for faith leaders to demystify the myths we manufacture about each other. Here is a great opportunity for the Mormon faith to share about them in this week’s issue.

An important point has developed in this conversation. To reiterate my earlier statement, ” I am convinced that it is better and more truthful to learn of others from them as they say “this is what we believe” rather than from those who would say, “This is what they believe”.

We (Dallas) lost the bid to Brussels, Belgium to host the Parliament of world’s religions conference in 2014, where the same idea is practiced. Some 250 religious traditions converge and tell us what they believe and what their faith is about. It is time the world gives currency to how the followers of a group define their own faith, rather than defined by others. Those interested in understanding about others, make sure you attend the event in Brussels.

Indeed, I am planning on giving a presentation on Pluralism.

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