There is a person within each of us, who likes to contribute towards making our society a better place to live.

You can dedicate the donation to our programs and services:

  1. Annual Events

Unity Day (8th Year), Reflections on Holocaust (6th year) and Thanksgiving Celebrations (15th year)

  1. Symposiums

Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Race, Misogyny, LGBT, Abortion, Anti-Dharmic Religions, Native Americans

  1. Workshops

Understanding Religion; the essence of every religion
13 session’s course or 3 day weekend course

  1. Services

Media Relations, Seminars, Education, Action

  1. Publications

Newsletters, brochures,

  1. Leadership

Programs to prepare future leaders who would be prepared to represent every American

  1. Advocacy

Action advocacy on issues that affect the cohesiveness of the society

  1. Operations

Operating cost of the office.
Mike Ghouse

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